Questioning the Conscious Mind

Ninja demi-Gods and Demons,
An interesting and humorously naive article from Seed magazine’s Nick Humphrey came across my infinitely broad awareness. In it, Humphrey seeks to raise the “correct” question, the one that would decipher the secret behind your primitive, non-robotic, possibly ninja-inflected consciousness. I scoff at his assertions, and posit my own, concise understanding of your frail human minds.
Buddhists and Taoists alike have known for years that thoughts are empty, and that any discussion of them being the basis of awareness is flawed. Scientists are just now realizing that things like memory may have more substantial roots than our conscious mind can fathom.
Humphrey points out that, much like a magic trick, the process by which consciousness is derived could be merely an illusion: that the idea of the consciousness phenomenon is the phenomenon itself. To this I scoff even louder, and with less bemusement–the human mind/body resulted from millions of years of different evolutionary processes. Awareness is to be found on all levels of this timeline.
For years humans have prided themselves in being the only creatures capable of building and using tools, yet more nuanced research into dolphins and primates have proven otherwise. So what is it about human consciousness that is so different? I have a deceptively simple answer: the human hands.


Yes, hands were arrived at through years of frustration in the animal kingdom with the paw/reality interface. Unable to pick up, turn around, and otherwise manipulate its environment, nature itself sought a way to create an omni-interface, something which could be applied to all things within its grasp. That interface is the human hand.
Think about it: use of the piano, keyboard, mouse, even pencil, are not built into the human genome. Yet we are universally capable of using these instruments towards whatever ends we choose. Creative consciousness could therefore just be a means to these ends, towards the goals of this universal interface, the development of which would require an unhindered awareness, full of apparently unnecessary and superflous thoughts/emotions. In other words, your mind exists solely to develop the many applications your hands can be used for. Perhaps it seems like an oversimplification, but the r0b0tninja has no time for your lack of metaphorical depth.
The implications are limitless.

Posted: February 1st, 2008
at 11:55am by Bertr0n

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