Burn Studios Audio Tool

Swamp ninjas and robot bog-monsters,

The robotninja, having taken leave of his meta-bionic senses for what, to Him, have been countless millenia, has returned to you terrestrial man-apes and your brief, fragile existence, to bestow upon you the unlimited perspective of the universal godbody, freeing the souls of the wicked and unrighteous, the unwashed and unshorn masses of wasted potential that is humanity.  And Behold! The apely men at Burn Studios have provided the lesser ninjabots among you to access, if only for the briefest of earth-moments, the vast creative and metaphysical reach of your humble robotninja lord and master.  A virtual environment filled with simulated audio equipment, Audiotool is a pseudo-revolutionary tool for use by other tools, such as yourselves, your leaders, teachers, parents, children and the elderly.

Know yourself and control the world. Neglect yourself and the world controls you.

Posted: April 19th, 2011
at 9:51am

Categories: Digital Audio

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