Tripping through the Forest

Ninja brethren of the leaf and root:

Beware the machinations of the leafcutterjohn.  His new sampling software “Forester”, provides a glimpse into a world of spatial temporal awareness forbidden to mankind.

This trove of unspeakable musics derives its knowledge from whole folders of samples, or an entire CD worth of music (straight from your primitive earth-based optical devices), allowing even the most clueless of beatsmiths a chance perspective at musical creation several orders of magnitude beyond their ken.


Nonetheless, if we are to be prepared for the creations that this program will no doubt manifest, we must look into the abyss without fear, lest we fall victim due to our ignorance.  Be sure you have something set up to reroute the audio signal, and learn to recognize the different life-forms within the forests of your fragile, human mind.  Witness the effects on the r0b0tninja outpost, and despair.

Listen to the Flower

Posted: January 31st, 2009
at 12:06pm

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