Laser Guided Robots

Will soon be upon you, myninjas.


The nascent electrophiliacs over at Healthcare Robotics have reached a new tier in human-robot relations, with their “clickable world” project. Using green lasers no doubt reverse engineered from my patented Robotninja-third-eye-Shiva blast (as seen above), they seek to realize mankind’s most ancient dream, of commanding all robots to do their bidding, obeying even the most trivial of orders: from “pick up that coffee mug over there” to “slaughter these defenseless villagers”. According to a researcher:

In our object fetching application there are initially virtual buttons surrounding objects within the environment. If the user illuminates an object (“clicks it”) the robot moves to the object, grasps it, and lifts it up. Once the robot has an object in its hand, a separate set of virtual buttons get mapped onto the world. At this point, clicking near a person tells the robot to deliver the object to the person. Clicking on a tabletop tells the robot to place the object on the table. While clicking on the floor tells the robot to move to the selected location.

Meanwhile, your robotninja overlord communicates his robo-desires by simply using electro-telepathy. Good luck with that, mankind.

Posted: July 30th, 2009
at 8:31am

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Akai AP40 Midi Controller

Mama say mama sa mama kusah, myninjas

Listen to this: the good people over at Akai, famous for their industry defining MPC series, has come correct for all you goddamned Ableton users, ushering in what is sure to be a new era in mankind’s fledgling attempts at electronic music.


The Apc40 is unique among the cosmos in that it allows the user to fully articulate every element available in live, essentially using the computer as its processor.  Being able to control every event that takes place in a program such as live is difficult for the majority of humanity’s intellectual elite, so I won’t bore you with the esoterics.  Instead, look upon this video of one of your own using his hands in ways that would make the buddha weep.  From the site:

The APC40 features high quality controls for real-time mixing, remixing and production. 109 buttons, 16 endless encoders with LED rings, nine 45mm faders and a replaceable crossfader give musicians and producers complete control of Live’s Session View, effect devices and virtual instruments.

Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, DJing, making beats, running backing tracks, firing MIDI loops or triggering sound effects, you can kiss your mouse goodbye.

The APC40 was co-designed by Ableton and Akai Professional.

YouTube Preview Image

I will of course dual wield.  Big ups to myrobotninja, please.

Posted: July 3rd, 2009
at 12:07am

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