Titan: Electric like Magneto

Ninjablasters and blastees,

It pleases me to announce that a group of Super-scientific Spaniards have discovered that which your only r0b0tninja friend has known for countless millenia: that the atmosphere of Titan, the only moon in the solar system with an atmosphere, has electrical storms similar to those on earth.  From the article at Physorg:

Physicists of the University of Granada and the University of Valencia have developed a proceeding to analyse specific data sent by the Huygens probe from Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, proving “in an unequivocal way” that there is natural electric activity in its atmosphere. The scientific community thinks that there is a higher probability that organic molecules precursors to life could form in those planets or satellites which have an atmosphere with electric storms.

Keeping with the plebian experiments conducted by Russian biochemists Alexander I. Oparín and Stanley L. Miller, who managed to synthesize organic compounds from inorganic ones by using electric shocks, these Swarthy Spanish Scientists believe that Titan could be home to an alternate evolutionary process, one based on the same macro-molecules that comprise your fragile human minds.

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The data they used to draw such a conclusion? Why the combined audio/visual output of the Huygens probe, launched from the Cassini spacecraft in 2005, retransmitted here, for my amusement.  Of course, my superior r0b0tninja uses for such data can be found elsewhere, and with much more dire implications…

R0b0tninja superscience conquers all

Posted: October 22nd, 2008
at 12:00pm

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