Leap Motion: Kinect for your very soul

Repent, my ninja
For the truth will set your ninja powers free, unleashing hidden potentials that even you were as yet unaware of. And so it is that the Supreme Kai of Leap Motion has decreed that their new device, the so-called “Leap”, will be made available to the bags of salty poo-water that are the human species, in time for the anniversary of the birth of the ancient Hebraic sky-child, Yeshua Cristos. Judeo Christian mythology notwithstanding, the Leap represents a major…leap forward in the way in which you primitive man beasts “interact” with your “computers”, finally allowing you a glimpse of what my futuristic, Minority report style robotninja mainframe is like to work with. Behold!

Available for pre-order now, myninjas

Posted: November 26th, 2012
at 12:06pm by Bertr0n

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