Free Ammunition for Sonic Mercenaries

such as myself is all over the place these days, and sometimes only require a quick free registration. My favorite one, for reasons I will soon describe, is called the freesound project–I think they’re swedish or something. There’s another one called Musopen, but that’s mostly public domain classical music, and lacks the breadth of freesound.

And for my cyl0n bredren, there exists a fabled BSG site that lets you download random video and audio clips to produce your own chapter [in the epic tome, Battlestar Galactica]. The cyl0ns bust out some serious weaponry, not pictured here:


Indeed, freesound provides humans and robots alike with the ample cannon fodder and beat blasting potentials usually reserved for the godbody and its constituents. Seldom is there a confluence of such random and esoteric sounds, from movies and synthesizers to atmospheric and ambient arches. The samples are in .aiff and .wav formats, occasionally mp4, but that shouldn’t stop you–with the right program, a ninja can feel free to expand in whatever ninjaverse he or she finds themselves in. This is especially true for the random select function, a link that delivers on all of its promises; and that is all that your R0b0tNinja asks.

Posted: September 20th, 2007
at 1:42am by Bertr0n

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  1. yo, are you high?

    stumar deliciosandro

    24 Sep 07 at 5:47 pm




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