Reason Refill Review: Pr0t0n

To my ninjas to whom it may concern,
Those of us blessed with the use of Propellerhead’s Reason know about its powerful audio synthesis capabilities. The Proton refill pack extends that sonic blast-power (if you will) by several orders of magnitude. The Proton’s highly radioactive nature is such that I have no choice but to introduce the [R0b0tninja sample site], a conceptual heat-sink of examples of the Proton’s might, and any other instruments on its level of destruction.


For your consideration, I have posted three samples of the Proton, without any effects, hopefully describing the auditory ass-blasting that results from its containment. I say containment, of course, because you can’t really stop the Proton: containing the blast is the most that humanity can ever hope for.

In each of these samples, I have tried to musically express the wide range of the instrument [and as we all know, while true essence can be pursued, it can only be attained in the robo-celestial realm]. The bounds of space-time only allow a small channel through which one can work, and the Proton seems to anticipate this–by using the combinator within Reason, Proton effectively channels multiple soundscapes through a single channel, offering a rich depth of musical textures. When you add effects to it, prepare yourself for some higher interdimensional understanding, as I, R0b0tNinja, will tell you.
[R0b0tNinja sample page]

Posted: September 19th, 2007
at 9:08pm by Bertr0n

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  2. Yep I’ve had this refill for a good while now and I can happily say the programming is second to none. One of the best pre reason 4 refills available.

    Reason Refills

    24 Mar 09 at 3:42 am



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