Herbie Hancock Remix Contest

Greetings my ninjas and/or robots. In conjunction with the bombastic jazz ninja Herbie Hancock, Ableton Live is holding a contest to see who can represent Herbie’s music with the funkiest soul power. Sample, re-record, or be inspired by Herbie’s abstract funk: his pattern-based thought process offers countless possible candidates.  The winner’s music will no doubt be heard by the Man himself, and almost as amazing, will win the latest as yet unreleased version of Ableton’s extraordinary music production software, Live 7. No doubt, the R0b0tninja is well-versed in Herbie’s massive musical proliferations. Witness the results of this challenge on the R0b0tninja, and who knows, maybe R0b0tr0n itself will take notice. But beware–the corporate entity’s blessing is as deadly as its curse.


Posted: October 31st, 2007
at 12:12pm by Bertr0n

Categories: r0b0t ninja

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