Reason 4: The Power of Thor

So my good friends over at propellerhead software, makers of the popular Reason DAW, have sent me the newest version of their software, Reason 4, for beta testing. Propellerhead has made some serious upgrades to an already fearsome music production and synthesis program, and as you well know, the R0b0t ninja fears no programing but the deadliness of his own…

thor pic

For those of you familiar with the new features in Reason 4, you already know that the son of Odin has come down from Asgard in the form of a digital instrument of god-like musical destruction. Indeed, the newest synthesizer added to the Reason rack is a powerful electromagnetic storm unto itself.
First of all, the digital Thor holds three hammers (or oscillators), instead of one, each capable of blasting its own form of light (about 5 different waveforms for each slot, including analog modeling and phase modulation). Thor also wields a tri-force of frequency mods (including one graphic formant filter), and LFOs.
Yea, beneath the surface there is more to behold: Thor can channel up to four external mono audio sources, each of which can be rerouted to any other part of the instrument. Lo, this routing can be accomplished via an intuitive patch bay located towards the bottom of His Interface. Indeed, Thor can reroute any of His internal machinations to any other, through a mystical process that causes my own R0b0t ninja circuits to resonate with power.
Below this, one will find the handle to Mojilner, the step sequencer, which can dictate anything from pitches and gates (notes and midi actions) to effects and signal processing. Like the Matrix combined with the Maelstrom, Thor embodies the 16 step progression as a sequencer and a sound sculptor. Remember, the patch-bay can reroute any signal inside Thor’s divine construction. This sequencer can simultaneously trigger and affect any filter mod, or LFO available.
Or effects processing—Thor also possesses a delay and a chorus effect, which, and I cannot stress this enough, can be rerouted elsewhere around the Norse god’s magnificent form. Make sure you can handle the implications of Thor’s sonic magnitude before you reach for that skyhammer though–your ear drums and neighbors will forever be in your silent debt, their houses left standing.
For the power of Thor is not to be trifled with—and those of you using Reason as a slave should know that Protools, Logic and Live are endlessly blessed by this sonic demonslayer. Thor repels the forces of darkness, seeking only to bathe its enemies in His divine light. As far as synthesizers go, Thor provides even the novice synth user with a powerful arsenal of asgardian power. Have no other god besides Him. Praise Odin.
But Reason allows us to have Thors beside Thors, duplicate deux ex machina in triplicate, if you wish. The only limit to the creation of these Gods of Thunder is your own twisted mind and processor–there’s nothing stopping you from cloning Thor endlessly to create entire thundergod squadrons, if you will. Thanks to Reason’s, at times unreasonable architecture, you can feel free to roam the realms of additive synthesis until the big bang reverses and spacetime is born once again. Such is the power of the one true Thundergod.
And let me tell you: as a robot who is also a ninja, I can’t tell you how often I needed but didn’t have the powers of several thundergods. Ordinary R0b0t ninja tactics, while effective, are not suited for god-battling. With the cosmic strength of a digital Thor at one’s side, the sun shines for you and you alone.
Nevertheless, the wonders of Reason 4 continue on, and therefore so must I. For you see, every week I will focus on other aspects of Reason 4 until it is finally released into the mortal realm. All praise due,

Posted: August 14th, 2007
at 3:57pm by Bertr0n

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  1. yo this shit is ill, a long time i been waiting for a rob0tninja website! will you put me on your blogroll?????
    -stuey waters (

    stuey waters

    15 Aug 07 at 1:31 pm


  2. Combien il coûte, pour to développer drapeau South ton blog?

    Linkin Park

    19 Sep 07 at 2:00 am


  3. reason 4 is fucking amazing. in 4 months i have nearly finished over 20 songs 11 of which will make the cut for my album. people, listen up, if you want to get down to making music buy reason 4 and support those mother fucking legends in sweden so we get a reason 5. i used to crack software but since the developer (propellor-head) are giving me what i want will support them and all the companies who make expansion packs for reason. it is tight. thor in itself can produce sounds that are fatter than most shit out there and if you stick at reason and work hard it can produce ‘the goods’. i find with reason it can bring out my creative energy as opposed to frustrate my creative energy so anyone who tells you any different are fuck wits. trust me, support the developers, make your fucking album and fuck off and make money and friends within the process. peace out , love and harmony , dav (pro-tools user and a totally aware of ableton, great programme but not as tight as reason)


    20 Dec 07 at 7:25 pm


  4. “It’s like a whole rack of synths!”

    “it is tight”

    As a gnat’s chuff, probably…

    Can you post up some of the ‘amazing’ patches that Thor can produce, which you can’t do in umpteen free VSTs? I’m still waiting to hear any…


    2 Jul 08 at 1:32 pm


  5. I’m still scouring the internet for any sign of those ‘amazing’ Thor patches which the Reason fanidiots keep talking about…

    Where are they all?

    I haven’t heard anything that sounds any better than Synth1, from Thor.

    Can one of you Reason-lovers enlighten us all?


    25 Apr 09 at 5:31 am


  6. Heh, what I don’t get is — why can’t a good word be spoken about Reason without people yammering (muttering? grousing?) about VSTs? I know, I know, we all love to be just oh-so-much-cooler than the next guy (on a comment-board, of course), but seriously — have Propellerheads somehow committed a sin here, by producing a piece of software? I just now fucked around with Thor for about five minutes and have a very impressive sound going — thats a bad thing? There’s nothing wrong with VSTs, but last I checked, most of them owed a good bit of their existence to the innovators at Propellerheads (who seem to be able to keep a customer base without relying on plugins and existing DAW whatnottery). Bottom line, quit bitching and go make some music. If you’d like to see some interesting Thor patches, I’d be glad to show you some (although something tells me nothing I could show you would impress you).


    1 Nov 09 at 12:29 pm


  7. Yeah I dig on reason pretty hard. I think it works best as a rewire slave, and actually, I find most of its synthesizers outshine a lot of native-instruments jams (like B4, Eletrik piano and the Prophet plug-ins). You can’t really beat the shit you can get using the combinator–what I like best about it is that you can have a shitty computer and still make that shit put in work for you.
    Also sharing songs/patches is really easy since the files are so small. Perhaps I will start posting some…


    19 Nov 09 at 5:31 pm



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