R0b0tNinja-Teleport Complete:

What it is Maninjas

As CEO of R0b0tr0nics LTD., I am pleased to announce the development of the R0b0tninja interweb-log. The R0b0tNinja does battle on many levels, not the least of which includes pro audio technology. His programming is the realest–like the ninja of old, except that he’s half black. And a robot. It’s ok though, cause the R0b0tNinja feels just as comfortable in the depths of space as it does in the center of the Earths. And after unleashing a literal solar storm of digital audio, he feels free to kick it on levels from the astronomical to the geopolitical. But enough! He is programmed to speak for himself. Bertron, CEO

Indeed, many a government agent under my surveillance has caught the sun’s wrath–unfortunately, I can’t make a move without my R0b0tNinja Shogun’s direct command.
Anyway, here is a clip from my latest flick featuring me, the R0b0tNinja, as its main character. I haven’t had a chance to peep it, but I’m confident that the director I hired was right for the job. If it fails to impress you, death will be his only reward.


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Posted: August 13th, 2007
at 7:43pm by robotninja

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