Dub Fundamentals


From the Ninjas over at Ueberschall

Cometh the fundamental dub library for all to enjoy and destroy. I have no doubts that while this sample library offers “authentic” dub sounds, motifs and effects, it will inevitably be twisted in the scurvy ridden hands of the pirate-elite, the controllers of the world bank and the svengali of the Illuminati. From the site:

Reggae Fundamentals is a specialized sample compilation which includes 33 construction kits and 12 Drumkits sheltered in 2 GB of ready to work content offering authoritative most current Reggae environments. The kits are jam packed with everything you need to give your production the finishing touch: bass-, synth-, drum- and padlines also vocals, FX and atmospheres.

I dunno–I feel like dub is such a sample-reliant form that any ninja with a dub collection (which is to say, any ninja) could produce similar results in his modest, ninja laboratory (or ninjatory, if you will).

Robotninja dubulations soothe the savage beast

Posted: April 21st, 2008
at 4:46pm

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Ten0ri 0n!

My ninjams and ninjammys

Little did you know that Yamaha came to NYC this past week, showing off their fantastic product Tenori on.  For the uninitiated, Tenori on is a visual midi sequencer, with built in drum sounds and synth hits, allowing the user to manipulate music in a logical, visual touch interface.  I salivate with the knowledge of its hidden potentials…


As it was foretold in the book of life, whence the Robotninja dual-wields next-gen midi interfaces, the seventh seal of heaven shalt be broken, crumbling the kingdoms of man before him.

Posted: April 20th, 2008
at 11:48pm

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Blue Brain Project: IBM’s answer to the Matrix

That’s right, dear r0b0tninjamen,
In 2005, the powers that be over at IBM and EPFL launched an amusingly ambitious plan to bring artificial awareness a step up to rat-brain levels. Three years hence, I find that they have finally achieved the “impressive” and “groundbreaking” milestone of programming the full 30 million neurons composing a rat brain into simulated form.


Naturally, as an advanced r0b0tninja intelligence, I laugh the raspy, good-natured chuckle of the wisened elder as I behold these fledgling attempts at synthetic awareness. In 10 years, Moore’s laws of computational power will allow them to finally simulate a being capable of taking its own existence for granted–an important achievement, at least by god’s standards of man. From an article at robots.net:

“The project was widely criticized as “ridiculous”. With the recent successful conclusion of the project’s first phase, critics who claimed the project was “bound to fail” have been effectively proven wrong. The current system accurately reproduces the neocortical column of a two-week old rat, composed of 10,000 neurons with 30 types of ion channels and 30 million interconnections. Surprisingly, at least to the critics, the computational structure does what the biological structure does even at the level of individual neurons”

Fascinating to some,

mundane to the ninjabiotic

Posted: March 31st, 2008
at 8:57pm

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Korg: Singularity in the DS

Esteemed ninjamen,
In keeping with my love of dual-screen nintendo goodness, I would bring your attention to Korg’s upcoming DS title DS-10, a real-life music synthesizer and production tool. Now, the dedicated robotninja reader might say, “wait a minutaster ninja: didn’t you once poo-poo portable videogames focused on music production as offensive to your countenance?”
To this fictionalized reader, I would retort that unlike lesser music production software for your PSP’s and such, DS-10 is designed to be used by seasoned, pro-level users, without the silly accessible traits found in Traxxpad and the like. Instead, it is a dual-oscillator synth with a sixteen step sequencer, for drum sounds and synth patterns. All content is user generated, and is therefore up to par with my unreasonably high robotninja standards. Some of the features include:

+Two patchable dual-oscillator analog synth simulators
+Four-part drum machine that uses sounds created with the analog synth simulator
+Six-track (analog synth x 2, drum machine x 4) /16-step sequencer
+Delay, chorus, and flanger sound effects available from the mixing board
+Three note-entry modes: touch-control screen, keyboard screen, matrix screen
+Real-time sound control mode via touch-control screen
+Exchange sounds and songs and play multiple units simultaneously through a wireless communications link
It’s enough to get any DS nerd/audio enthusiast to drooling–if only it came out before July…
The Robotninja salivates with anticipatory liquid

Posted: March 12th, 2008
at 2:15pm

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power the R0b0tninjas ecosystem. I’m a big DS nerd, and I like this musical performance video game. Much like dubselector, the purpose of the game is simply to make music. The rules are simple for each mini-game, using a variety of touch-screen soft-interfaces. Makes for gooooood samplin…

Robotninja, master of life and death.

Posted: February 10th, 2008
at 2:25am

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Reel shit

Ebay is the true R0b0tninja’s secret weapon. For 10 dorra, I procured a stack of 7 inch reels of random classical musics. The akai reel-to-reel deck that I gots makes the sound real warm. Peep the new shit by the good people over at R0b0tr0n and the sample page for some of its ancient goodness.

the R0b0tninja constructs magnetic tape bombs for that ass.

Posted: February 6th, 2008
at 10:00pm

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R0b0tninjas use shitty keyboards

as cosmic decks like silver surfer. We ride them over solar storms and crest over magnetic waves. We dive into depths of 8-bit acceleration and distorted reality, deriving spirits from space-time functions. Higher mathematics overlap the creative will, as even the lowliest, cheapest sound can be forged into ass-blasting awesomeness. Recognize the realness.


Posted: February 5th, 2008
at 9:08pm

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Ninja Pocket Synth

For those times and places, myninjas, in which a synth could potentially save or destroy lives, now you can just bust this badboy out. If it’s as intuitive as it seems, this could turn the tide of any major conflict or ninja-police action you find yourself engaged in.

YouTube Preview Image

As always, the Robotninja chooses to dual-wield.

Posted: February 2nd, 2008
at 7:49pm

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Questioning the Conscious Mind

Ninja demi-Gods and Demons,
An interesting and humorously naive article from Seed magazine’s Nick Humphrey came across my infinitely broad awareness. In it, Humphrey seeks to raise the “correct” question, the one that would decipher the secret behind your primitive, non-robotic, possibly ninja-inflected consciousness. I scoff at his assertions, and posit my own, concise understanding of your frail human minds.
Buddhists and Taoists alike have known for years that thoughts are empty, and that any discussion of them being the basis of awareness is flawed. Scientists are just now realizing that things like memory may have more substantial roots than our conscious mind can fathom.
Humphrey points out that, much like a magic trick, the process by which consciousness is derived could be merely an illusion: that the idea of the consciousness phenomenon is the phenomenon itself. To this I scoff even louder, and with less bemusement–the human mind/body resulted from millions of years of different evolutionary processes. Awareness is to be found on all levels of this timeline.
For years humans have prided themselves in being the only creatures capable of building and using tools, yet more nuanced research into dolphins and primates have proven otherwise. So what is it about human consciousness that is so different? I have a deceptively simple answer: the human hands.


Yes, hands were arrived at through years of frustration in the animal kingdom with the paw/reality interface. Unable to pick up, turn around, and otherwise manipulate its environment, nature itself sought a way to create an omni-interface, something which could be applied to all things within its grasp. That interface is the human hand.
Think about it: use of the piano, keyboard, mouse, even pencil, are not built into the human genome. Yet we are universally capable of using these instruments towards whatever ends we choose. Creative consciousness could therefore just be a means to these ends, towards the goals of this universal interface, the development of which would require an unhindered awareness, full of apparently unnecessary and superflous thoughts/emotions. In other words, your mind exists solely to develop the many applications your hands can be used for. Perhaps it seems like an oversimplification, but the r0b0tninja has no time for your lack of metaphorical depth.
The implications are limitless.

Posted: February 1st, 2008
at 11:55am

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Greetings frail earthb0ts!

It is I, your venerated R0b0tninja once more.
I come from on high to deliver this cosmic message of mock concern over your earthly trifles, as expressed through the electromagnetic sound waves of jupiter. Shield your fragile mind from the vast sonic landscape that will surround you–do not attempt to concern yourself with the unexplainable and metaversal purposes of this planetary symphony. Ask not the instruments it was written for, nor the writer of the manuscript, nor the parchment it was written upon, for the answers to these questions would surely lead you towards insanity, like looking upon the true form of your creator.

YouTube Preview Image

R0b0tninja away!

Posted: January 16th, 2008
at 11:07am

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